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calico river rapids

knott's berry farm

buena park, ca


"A new expedition in an uncharted territory awaits eager explorers with Calico River Rapids, now open at Knott's Berry Farm. Knott’s white water raft ride, formerly known as BigFoot Rapids, has undergone a major renovation with the addition of new features to the attraction including new animatronics, themed show scenes, a new story overlay and plenty of dynamic water effects.

Calico River Rapids takes voyagers on a search for new land through the outskirts of Calico. Rafters encounter a variety of wild surprises along the way, such as roaring rapids, and indigenous wildlife. The circular raft ride, which seats six passengers, traverses through unexpected twists and turns, rushing waters and rapid currents as it navigates the unexplored river path."

Concept Design

Promotional Artwork

This attraction redo was a blast to get to do artwork for, especially considering I used to work in the theme park, right in Calico doing pastel portraits!

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